Annukka Jewelry Design website store is temporarily inactive.

I will be studying towards a master's degree until June 2019, and I am unable to maintain an online store.

I may be able to take on custom work during this time. You can ask me about custom work by sending me a message.

Thank you for your continued support!

Recent testimonials from customers:

I have Annukka's French Sinnet peridot bracelet and I love it. It's truly a unique piece of jewellery and I wear it every day. Annukka's craftsmanship and attention to detail shines in this piece. I expect I will acquire more. The bracelet arrived faster than items I order here in Canada and she quickly answered any questions I had. Highly recommended, you'll be happy you have her work. Kim Smith, Victoria, BC, Canada.

Seriously thinking on selling most of my silver rings and just keeping yours. Everything is so cheaply made compared to yours! You have spoiled me! Therese, MI USA

These reviews have been taken from my Facebook business page

Tangible expression of, from the mind, through the heart by the hands.

Clean, elegant lines & top-notch craftsmanship ensure your Annukka creation can be worn for years and handed down through generations! 

Truly *fine grade* metalsmith work. Get her work while it's still affordable. 

I am the proud and lucky owner of her Topaz and Silver ring! It was a purchase that I am still amazed I was lucky enough to make! The sweep of the silver is like a wave rushing to the beach! I love how the setting sits high enough that I can wear a simple band with it! Thank you again for the amazing ring!

To be honest I've never been a fan of wearing jewellery but I'm so happy with the ring that Annukka jewellery crafted for me. Not having a clue what I actually wanted I asked Annukka for some advice. Although we were separated by a large distance this was no problem. Annukka sent me a range of possible designs, and helped me choose the perfect ring. Within a month it was on my finger, and it was beyond my expectations. I am extremely happy both with the ring and the level of service provided. Thanks Annukka. I'm now a big fan of wearing my ring.

I found Annukka Jewelry Design through the artchain that's been going around facebook. I took a quick look at her FB-page and sent a message asking if she could do my weddingring. I wanted a silverring with an opal. I love the fire och color in opals and I got a really beautiful ring in just over 3 weeks. She made me part of the whole process and asked what I wanted and sent pictures with options. I always wanted a unique handmade ring and got more than I hoped for. I will most likely come back for more.

I stumbled upon Annukka’s jewelry work on Facebook, and was amazed at the range of metals she had worked with, and her ability to manipulate them into very unique, personal designs. I was planning for a wedding, but wanted it to be a very unique, personal wedding, which had to be accompanied by a unique, personal wedding band. I didn’t want to simply buy something or pick something out. I like to wear different metals, and never want to plan my jewelry around a wedding band—something that I plan to never take off. I made an inquiry about a very specific stack of 7 bands of different metals for Annukka to craft, not knowing if she would take on the challenge. What she created for me was EXACTLY what I wanted, although I never got to sit with her face to face to discuss this (as she is in Finland, and I am in the United States). Between her ordering the materials, crafting my ring, and getting it to me, it took roughly 6 weeks. That sort of speed for something so beautiful, unique, and delicate, was amazing. I didn’t think it was possible. She really goes above and beyond in her services, and tried to find the best way to work within a client’s price range. Above all else, to know she will craft something especially for you, is extraordinary. She has a wide variety if pieces ready for purchase, but she will be happy to let these inspire you for something you want to make personal. Annukka really strives to meet the client in creativity, and rises to artistic challenges. I could not praise her work enough.

I wear my ring and bracelet every day they are stunning and superb quality ... I have earrings and another bracelet too .. I will be back for more ... Service is second to none! Just brilliant xx

Beautiful work, very unique design work and style!

This is a talented young woman. Years from now you will be both proud and glad to say "I have a piece of her jewelry." 

I love her designs! 

I have many pieces from Annukka and all of them are stunning. Attention to detail and customer service are impeccable! I highly recommend her work! 

Beautiful work and craftmanship.